500 days of summer film essay

Writing[ edit ] The style of film is presented in a nonlinear narrative.

500 days of summer film essay

Interpersonal Communication was one of my favorite courses to engage in at Carroll University because the knowledge was easy for me to apply to the real world. This particular application paper establishes my ability to apply communication theories to real world examples, as well as my understanding of certain aspects within communication.

In this paper, I wrote about the Social Penetration Theory. The movie Days of Summer displayed characters Tom and Summer working through their levels of comfortable self-disclosure.

While viewing the movie, I noticed how Tom self-disclosed more readily than Summer.

500 days of summer film essay

For example, I noted that Summer would never go past the intermediate level. When she talked openly about herself, she talked largely about her hobbies and her taste in music.

On the other hand, Tom readily disclosed inner layers of his self to Summer. Inner layers consist of aspirations and emotional feelings or opinions. The different rates at which Tom and Summer were willing to self-disclose information created conflict and tension between them.

Instead of only watching the tension grow between the two, I had the knowledge to relate their social experiences with each other to the Social penetration Theory.

In regard to the Social Penetration Theory, as well as other theories and facts in the field of communication, I have always enjoyed applying knowledge to situations that occur in the real world. For instance, I discussed the nonverbal communication that occurred between characters Tom and Summer.

In the movie, Days of Summer, Tom and Summer had difficulty defining their relationship with one another. In a nonverbal style of communication, Summer was informing Tom that she did not want to be affectionate with him.

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Most people do not consider how they are communicating with someone. Some may not even realize they are communicating in a nonverbal manner. However, I was able to recognize the nonverbal cues that were sent and received from one individual to another.

While I was able to recognize communication cues and techniques, I read my application paper again to find that I could have added information to clarify my thoughts.

For instance, I wrote about the Social Penetration Theory as it applied to the movie, but I did not provide background information on the theory itself.

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Background information would have greatly benefited the reader of my paper. Had more information on the theory been present, readers would have had a fuller understanding of why it was extremely relevant to the characters in the movie.

I could have improved on the application paper by directly comparing where Tom and Summer self-disclosed in comparison to the levels of the Social Penetration Theory.

A strength of mine now is that I recognize where my past papers could have been improved. For instance, now that I am participating in Capstone, I have to provide a great deal of supportive information and sources when writing my final paper.

I am striving to provide background information through sources I am utilizing in order to further investigate and research my hypotheses. Having in-depth research is vital to the majority of experiences in the workplace. I am thankful for the opportunity to have practiced research and, in turn, I have been able to submit credible and adequate information.Essay on How to Plan for Summer Vacation – 4 ( words) Introduction We are already getting the summer vacation itch and dreaming of the beach days and adventure trips.

() Days of Summer Summer Finn, we’re told, is an average woman in many ways—like height and weight, though slightly above average shoe size. (The narrator telling us this, in a wryly amused way, sounds like James Earl Jones, though I can’t find a .

Jan 16,  · Days of Summer: Film Review “This is not a love story, it is a story about love.” These are words that are the opening of the movie by a narrative voice. Apr 10,  · The Hollywood film, The Great Gatsby () will be compared with the Independent Film Days of Summer ().

Through analyzing and comparing these two contrasting films it will be made clear how the aspects of the Narrative have been approached differently. Many viewers, who have experienced an important relationship, will be surprised in at least one unique way the film tackles its themes.

() Days of Summer left a uplifting message about putting yourself out there and taking the risks and the hardships that go with them is the only way to find happiness. () Days of Summer is presented in an effective non-linear style that sets it apart from its romantic comedy predecessors, rotating back and forth between dates signified by a simple title card flashing in between scenes (2), (50), () and so on to represent the various days in the course of Toms roller coaster of a relationship.

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