Agadir kasbah writing a resume

Besides visiting different cities, students also volunteered for community work, talked with local students and experienced the different culture of Morocco. Except that over there, they listen to pop and have cell phones and are even on Facebook. Hannah Dutton, a senior hoping to study anthropology, was particularly intrigued by the age of the buildings and sites she saw during the trip.

Agadir kasbah writing a resume

agadir kasbah writing a resume

Introduction[ edit ] Agadir is one of the major urban centres of Morocco. The municipality of Agadir recorded a population ofin the Moroccan census.

Tashelhit first language of the majorityMoroccan Arabicand French. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in ; it has been completely rebuilt with mandatory seismic standards.

It is now the largest seaside resort in Morocco, where foreign tourists and many agadir kasbah writing a resume are attracted by an unusually mild year-round climate. Since it has been well served by low-cost flights and a motorway from Tangier.

Etymology[ edit ] The name Agadir is a common Berber noun agadir meaning "wall, enclosure, fortified building, citadel". This noun is attested in most Berber languages, [4] and may be a loanword from Phoenician-Punica Semitic language spoken in North-Africa until the fifth century CE.

The city of Agadir's full name in Tashelhit is Agadir n Yighir, literally "the fortress of the cape", referring to the nearby promontory named Cape Rhir on maps a pleonastic name, literally "Cape Cape". A single male inhabitant or native of the town is known in Tashelhit as a gg ugadir also a common surname, "Gougadir" in French spellingplural ayt ugadir "men of Agadir" also collective name, "men and women of Agadir, people of Agadir" ; a single feminine inhabitant is a ult ugadir "woman of Agadir", plural ist ugadir "women of Agadir".

In Moroccan Arabican inhabitant is a agadiri, plural agadiriyin, feminine agadiriyat, plural agadiriya. History[ edit ] Little history is recorded on Agadir before the 12th century.

In the 2nd century AD, the historian Polybius referred to North Africa on the Atlantic, a place called cap Rhysaddir, that may have been located near Agadir but its location is still under debate.

The oldest cartographic mention of Agadir is on a map from At the end of the medieval period, Agadir was a town of some notoriety. The name itself, Agadir al-harba, was attested to for the first time in Quickly, the Portuguese were exposed to the hostility of the tribes of the region.

Fromthey were blockaded in Santa Cruz. Six hundred Portuguese survivors were taken prisoner, including the governor, Guterre de Monroy, and his daughter, Dona Mecia.

The captives were redeemed by the holy men mostly from Portugal. Dona Mecia, whose husband was killed during the battle, became the wife of Sheikh Mohammed ash-Sheikh but died in childbirth in In the same year, Mohammed ash-Sheikh released the Governor Guterre de Monroy, whom he had befriended.

After the loss of Agadir, the Portuguese were obliged to abandon Safi and Azemmour. Morocco was beginning to be less important for Portugal which now turned to India and Brazil.

It was now called Agadir N'Ighir, literally: There was, however, no real port nor a wharf. Agadir traded mainly in sugar, wax, copper, hides and skins. Under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail — and his successors, the trade with France, until then an active partner regressed to the English and the Dutch.

The entrance of the Casbah Inthe town was completely destroyed by an earthquake. Inthe Dutch set up a trading post at the foot of the Casbah under the authority of the Sultan, and undoubtedly participated in the restoration of the city.

Above the door of the Casbah, the Dutch inscription can still be seen with its transcription in Arabic: After a long period of prosperity during the reigns of the Saadian and Alawite dynasties, Agadir declined from because of the pre-eminence given to the competing port of Essaouira by the Alawite Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah who wanted to punish the Souss for rebelling against his authority.

This decline lasted a century and a half. Ina European traveler gave a brief description of Agadir: InSultan Moulay Hassan reopened the harbour to trade in order to supply the expeditions he planned in the south. These expeditions, which were to reassert his authority over the Souss tribes and counter the plans of English and Spanish, were held in and I walk along the shore to Agadir Irir.

The road passes below the city, half-way between it and Founti: Founti is a miserable hamlet, a few fishermen's huts; Agadir, despite its white enclosure which gives it the air of a city is, I am told, a poor village depopulated and without trade.

Very strong international reaction, particularly from Great Britain, surprised Germany and triggered the Agadir Crisis between France and Germany. After tough negotiations, a Franco-German treaty was finally signed on 4 Novembergiving a free hand to France, who would be able to establish its protectorate over Morocco in return for giving up some colonies in Africa.Gazette Columnist Christine Hayes Her writing while she is on a solitary beach vacation is a “room of one’s own” soliloquy.

Lindbergh had five children, twelve grandchildren, wrote many books, and was in the limelight with her famous husband, Charles Lindbergh. to better resume the task later. During this intense reading and.

agadir kasbah writing a resume

Morocco Holiday Reviews. Everything was great – Kasbah bab ourika, azalai lodge, desert lodge and Kasbah ellouze which you recommended – all brilliant. We also stayed at Riad dar assiya le grand in Marrakech which was very nice.

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This Pin was discovered by Maya Wahlen-Wapp. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Then they started writing articles and sending them to specialised magazines in Spain and the USA. It was in this period that they contacted GIVI USA and their Yamaha got fully equipped allowing the couple to travel more comfortably.

The great dune of Erg Chebbi is a spectacular sight! On the thousand Kasbah road I stop to Erfoud market. . Before you start writing your resume, choose a type of resume that highlights your strengths and achievements, review what information to include in your resume and examples of each part of a resume, and then select a typical resume format.

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