Aisha bint abu bakr essay writer

The marriage was consummated after the Hegira to Medina, when she had reached the age of nine or ten years old.

Aisha bint abu bakr essay writer

From Judaism to Islam — Safiyyah bint Huyayy We often are introduced to the people around the Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him through his life and perspective.

aisha bint abu bakr essay writer

While there is good reason for this, it can also be of great benefit to learn about the companions of the Messenger as individuals. After the Prophet, can there be a better example for us than the mothers of the believers who were all promised paradise?

As she grew older, she became a scholar, a stateswoman, and a resource to all Muslims even to this day. Aisha was very intelligent Aisha RA was a very bright young girl, who grew into one of the foremost scholars of Islam.

At the time of her death, she was an expert in interpretation of the Quran, commentary of the Quran, hadith, and jurisprudence.

Her rulings could fill volumes of books.

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He asked her what it was; she replied it was a horse. He smiled and answered that horses did not have wings! Aisha may Allah be pleased with her was blessed with an astounding memory and never forgot something once she heard it.

As such she was one of the most prolific muhadditha hadith narrator. She could not help but be prone to jealousy. She loved her husband PBUH so much that she did not like it when he spoke highly of other women. And whenever he sacrificed a sheep he would send a fair portion of it to those who had been her intimate friends.

Many a time I said to him: She never acted on it and was, despite her emotions, very generous and trusting. Aisha may Allah be pleased with her was easily angered and just as easily forgave.

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She asked who on earth thought that he could stop her from spending in the way of Allah SWT. She asked how he could even dare to say such a thing. And finally, when she calmed down and made up with him, she freed several slaves as penance for breaking her oath.

In her youth, she regularly bested him with her speed. One Eid celebrationsome Abyssinians were enjoying the day by displaying their skill with spears. Aisha was eager to watch. And she even set many an inauthentic record straight.

She was a lively woman who stood for truth and justice. She was a fountain of knowledge to all who met her and remains so to those of us learning the religion today. Aisha is a phenomenal role model for women today and an excellent example to those who wish to use their vibrant personalities to better the ummah.

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The pie chart essay construct. Unknown to the vast majority of Muhammadans, and buried deep inside the Quran, Ahadith and Sirah, there is copious evidence to reject, out of hand, the contention that the Quran is the creation of Allah. Aisha Bint Abu Bakr has a major and significant role in adjusting the Muslim Ummah.

It was she who was named the mother of the believers, it was she who transmitted ahadeeth that we find in books of Prophetic narrations that we read today and it was she who memorised the amazing and glorious book of Allah .

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