An essay on the hump back whales of the pacific and atlantic ocean

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An essay on the hump back whales of the pacific and atlantic ocean

July 15, by shamsul Common Name: The Humpback Whale Type: The Humpback whales are available in a number of locations like Mediterranean and Great Barrier Reef.

It is found in almost all around the world; these whales usually migrate up to miles 25, kilometers each year.

Humpbacks Whale feed only during summer, in polar waters, and migrates to tropical or subtropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter.

During the winter, humpbacks fast and live off their fat reserves. Humpback whales can get a length from 48 to The females are slightly bigger than males. They have four-chambered heart.

They are weighing tons. The humpback carries a unique body shape, with unusually long pectoral fins with a knobbly head. It is an acrobatic animal. They often breaching and slapping the water. The Males produce a multifaceted song.

Humpback whales are Omnivore like all other baleen whales. They are seasonal feeders and filter feed Krill, plankton, small fishes like mackerel, herring, and capelin from the water.

They are gulpers not skimmers ; filter feeders that alternatively swim and gulp a mouthful of fish or plankton. An average-sized humpback whale can eat kg of krill, plankton and small fish every day during the feeding season in cold waters. They eat two times in a day. The average lifespan of Humpback whales have a life expectancy of years.

Humpback whales reside at the surface of the ocean, both in the Open Ocean and shallow coastline waters. They prefer shallow waters, when they are not migrating. They migrate from warm tropical waters where they breed and calve to arctic waters where they eat.

There are 3 different populations of humpback Whales, those living in the North Atlantic Ocean, those in the North Pacific Ocean, and those roaming the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere.

Humpback whale breeding occurs mostly in the winter to early spring while near the surface and in warm, tropical waters.

The gestation period is about months and the calf is born tail first this is normal for cetaceans and near the surface in warm shallow waters. The newborn automatically swims to the surface within 10 seconds for its first breath; helped by its mother through her flippers.

The baby whale can swim within 30 minutes of its birth. The calf is about 14 feet long and weighs about 2. Twins are very rare.

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The mother and calf may stay together for a year or longer. Calves drink about 50 kg of milk every day. They reach puberty at the age of years, and maturity after 15 years. A calf is born to a female every years. The humpback whale, having the scientific name Megaptera novaeangliae is a species of baleen whale.

The adult whales are 12 to 16 meters in length and weigh approximately 36, kilograms that is equal to lb. The humpback has a different body shape, with unusually long pectoral fins and a knobby head.

It is an energetic animal. It breaches and slaps in the water very often. In every winter, humpback whales travel from the Antarctic to the northern tropics to find out the warm water to grow up their young. They travel through the water of Costa Rica.

Many people visit to Costa Rica during the vacation to see the humpback whale. The humpback whale can easily be identified by its solid body with an obvious hump and black dorsal coloring.

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The head and lower jaw are roofed with knobs called tubercles.Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey found that populations of humpback whales living in the Southern Hemisphere, North Pacific and North Atlantic . The Pacific Ocean is also the deepest ocean out of all four oceans.

The Atlantic contains the second largest body of water. Next is the Indian Ocean, which is on . It's really incredible, with North Atlantic right, sei, minke, blue, sperm, humpback, and fin whales visiting in droves from July to early September.

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An essay on the hump back whales of the pacific and atlantic ocean

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Humpback whales were hunted as early as the 18th century. By the 19th century, many nations (the United States in particular), were hunting the animal heavily in the Atlantic Ocean and to a lesser extent in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The lateth-century introduction of the explosive harpoon allowed whalers to accelerate their take.

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