Colour recession and negative space

The amount you pay the recycler may then be offset - partially or totally. They take the recyclables and sell them on to recyclers, earning a livelihood.

Colour recession and negative space

Each product is unique with its own nuances characterized by texture, shade and colour. These features will endure all natural elements, including sun, frost, rain and snow. The natural rock finish will in fact be enhanced further by the elements, increasing the beauty of the feature.

Installation is genuinely easy and is often a matter of placing the product and connecting. A natural landscaped appearance is immediately made possible, whether it is in the garden, on a patio or inside the home. Ken Lombard and a friend, Wayne Potgieter, together with an industrial chemist, spent the next 18 months experimenting, to perfect a system - a system which would produce products that requires no maintenance and that would last a lifetime.

Stone Age in Pinetown was their very first customer. They purchased a light weight Pool Pump Cover. Judy Lombard resigns from teaching and joins Fibre Features. Progress on the retail side is slow and the company realises the need to educate the consumer about the simplicity of installing a light weight water feature.

Ken secures a property in Gauteng and plans are put in place to re-locate. The 3 members became 4, when Mervin Leak joins them. Mervin soon proves to be one of Fibre Features biggest assets.

This proves to be a good introduction to all the Nurseries and Garden Centres. The first products are sent to Superplants in Cape Town and that signified the start of a long and trusted relationship. After many months of negotiations and meeting certain criteria, the company receives a visit from the USA distributor.

The response was phenomenal. The USA places its first order. The local market is growing at a steady pace. The factory space increases to sq. By the end of Fibre Features secures orders from two of the biggest water gardening distributors in the world.

Fibre Features is required to custom make certain products for them. The new premises are too small and the company moves to a sq. This was to become the home of Fibre Features. A policy was introduced to never let the South African market down.

The company introduces a nightshift to help with demand. These products are showcased locally and internationally. N in an effort to grow the water feature market. By the end of negotiations are underway for a franchise in K. However the clouds of change are looming. The fuel price escalates significantly, the rand strengthens and many of the export customers find the product too expensive.

The overall effect is a drastic slowdown of purchases.

Colour recession and negative space

Despite the setbacks Fibre Features continues to market aggressively. With her enthusiasm and dedication she takes the K. But things start to change dramatically.

The interest rates start climbing, the fuel price is escalating out of control and the banks start to tighten up on credit. Interest rates continue to soar and consumers are becoming fearful. Turnover of Fibre Features starts spiraling downwards.Positive and negative space play an important role in determining the overall composition in a work of art.

By understanding positive and negative space and applying your knowledge, you can become more successful in designing your compositions. Negative Drawing involves the conscious creation of negative space so let’s study that first.

The brain would seem by all accounts to store memory in the form of images, and these images, or symbols, are the mainstay of the it’s defence mechanism. After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go.

Gates of Vienna has moved to a new address. From career advice to employment news, discover all of the information you need to know about your job search and career. Alex Charchar talks us through the meanings & theory of colour and how to use them appropriately & effectively in logo design to communicate the right message.

Mar 31,  · Negative space is the area around that subject, or the background. By understanding positive and negative space and experimenting with how you shade each, you can make a very striking work of art.

Read on from step one below for how%(6).

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