Discuss the main features of two

The main features of plate tectonics are:

Discuss the main features of two

Above basic question is important for MBA and CS students who are preparing project management which is also part of financial management.

What is Report ? Meaning , Features or Characteristics

So, we are covering first topic "project" in project management. Meaning of Project Project is that planning in which we try to best under a perfect system for making product or buying any fixed asset or creating services for our customers.

For example, you have to start a new business. To start a new business is a simple example of project. Either you can make its planning by yourself or you can take the help of CA. CA will make your project report and it will explain your estimated cost of fixed assets, estimated resources of earning and market area.

On this basis, you can get loan for your business. With the help of project accounting, we can easily track the progress of a project. In business area there are large number of projects like Construction projects IT projects, Product development projects, RD projects, Organisation development projects, Logistics projects, Marketing projects, Community projects and Cultural projects.

Characteristics of a Project 1. Because if we increase the time of completing of any business project, cost of project will increase.

The world’s largest network of electric vehicle chargers just raised another $240 million

So, it is necessary to fix the time for completing any project. Project For Results All projects are made for getting some result.

Discuss the main features of two

Projects are always completed and we get new thing after completing of project. Projects differ from operations Operations are different from project.

Operations are day to day work and for this we can use operation costing but project is big plan for doing any major construction. A project usually needs resources to deliver its results With getting resources for completing project, it will be very tough to complete the project and bring result in the front of manager.

Major projects can be divided into subprojects All major projects can be divided into subprojects. Suppose, you have to construct a building. For making building, you have to take subproject for digging the earth or make a structure according to the height of building.5 Characteristics of a clearly defined project In order for a project to be useful, effective and achieving its full objective, it must be clearly defined.

In certain cases the business market is much similar to the consumer market. In both kinds people are involved to assess the needs of products or services & perform different kinds of roles for the satisfaction of those needs. But in general, there are certain factors that distinguish business market from the consumer market.

What is Musharika and discuss its main features. Musharika: Musharika means sharing. It is a business organization in which two or more than two parties contribute capital and labor.

The profit and loss is distributed among the partners according to their agreed ratio. T he following are the basic characteristics of human rights.

Notes from the Nurses' Station

1. Inherent – Human Rights are inherent because they are not granted by any person or authority.. 2. Fundamental – Human Rights are fundamental rights because without them, the life and dignity of man will be meaningless..

3. Inalienable – Human Rights are inalienable because.

Discuss the main features of two

a. They cannot be rightfully taken away from a. Composition and Characteristics of soil. The scientific study of soil is called pedology. Soil is composed of both organic and inorganic matter, and it is essential for life on earth to exist. T he short story is a narrative of interrelated events, involving a conflict and a resolution.

The following are essential features of the short story. CHARACTERISTICS OF A SHORT STORY. A short story should create a single impression.

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