Drug free writing activities

Creative Writing Prompts About Drugs These creative writing prompts are about drugs and their various uses.

Drug free writing activities

I feel that visuals tend to have a big effect on a person. This activity will allow students to see the difference between a non-smoker and a smoker as it pertains to their health.

The students need to know about the different parts of the body internal and that is why this activity is aimed towards 6th graders. It is also starting to become relevant to their life and they need to be aware of dangers especially during this time.

The first visual is comparing the blood vessels of a smoker and non-smoker.

Fun Red Ribbon Week Ideas To Promote A Drug- And Bully-Free School

Because of this restriction, they are unable to carry as much blood through the body compared to the blood vessels of someone who chooses not to smoke. Smoking also affects how a person breathes and many times people develop emphysema because of it.

drug free writing activities

During the lesson I will use both a regular straw and a coffee stirrer to demonstrate what it is like to breathe after smoking has taken over your lungs and breathing. Within this activity, the students will jog in place for about a minute so that they can build up their heart rate.

After doing so, I will ask them to breathe through their straw or coffee stirrer. They will feel how difficult it is and this will give them an idea of what it would be like to have emphysema. In order to do this I will use two balloons. I will blow up the first one and then let the air out which will show the students how the alveoli normally work.

The other balloon will have holes in it so when I try to blow it up it will not work. This will show the students deteriorated alveoli which develop when a person smokes and because of this, the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide is hindered.

After the demonstration I will give the students an assignment to do to test out their new knowledge. I want them to be able to take what they have learned and make it personal to their own life.

In order to do this, I will have the students write a letter to someone that they know who or made up who smokes. This will allow me to see how much the students have learned from my lesson and a way for me to assess them.1/These amounts include only the funds the Department used for Federal Activities Discretionary Grants initiativeblog.comonal funds were appropriated under Drug-Free Schools National Programs for other Federal activities such as the Drug-Free School Recognition program and the development and dissemination of publications on prevention for parents, schools, and communities.

Proud to be drug free. Here is a list of drug free slogans for kids and people of all ages. Florida Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program State Report for Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program Florida Department of Education Bureau of Instructional Support and Community Services Activities for the districts’ SDFS advisory councils are also described.

Thousands of free teaching activities Use this 'Writing Paper: Halloween - Frankenstein' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Writing Paper: Halloween - Frankenstein'.

Upper elementary lines; with a Frankenstein's monster illustration to prompt a . Florida Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program.

State Report for Public Education without prior approval in writing. Student drug testing - extra curricular activities 9. Student drug testing - other 15 5 Policy Name Number of Districts Reporting the. Red Ribbon Recognition DayHold a special ceremony, program or assembly to recognize those who have made this special commitment to live drug-free.

Also recognize students and adults who helped make your Red Ribbon Week Celebration an exciting and .

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