How to write an essay superfast jellyfish lyrics

The rain outside transforms to ice. We hear its tiny fingers pelt the window begging for entrance into this warm space. With my own pencil poised, I ask the question again: Early in my writing teacher career, I learned that high school and college writing instruction attempts to remove voice from writing.

How to write an essay superfast jellyfish lyrics

The jellyfish is one of the simplest creatures that has ever existed. It is the oldest living animal species that has more than one organ. It has no brain. It has no central nervous system.

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It has no spinal column or bones of any sort. It has no heart. It has no circulatory system. It has no respiratory system.

how to write an essay superfast jellyfish lyrics

Despite all of the above, it is not simple. The jellyfish is, in fact, staggeringly complex. Despite centuries of study, very little is known about these creatures.

We basically have no idea how they do almost anything, because just about everything about them is different from other complex creatures, and remains mostly a mystery to scientists. The jellyfish is not, even vaguely, a fish.

It has brain cells, dispersed throughout its body and tied into to a neural network that communicates information neuron-to-neuron, not through a centralized system. It has thrived for million years.

Some species have 24 eyes, which enable them to see degrees in three dimensions, though only 2 of its eyes, apparently, can see in colour. It can fire venom through millions of tiny barbs fired through tiny tubes on its tentacles, in some species enough to paralyze or kill a human adult.

Before it fires venom, it analyzes the chemistry of what it is touching to ensure it is either food or threatening and hence worth immobilizingbut even taking time for this analysis it still fires at a speed 10 times faster than a car air-bag inflates in an accident, and faster than a bullet, and at a pressure of up to 2, psi, enough to penetrate deep into the skin of most creatures it encounters.

Jellyfish polyps can remain dormant for years, if the environment is not ideal, before starting to grow and reproduce. Some species are bioluminescent — they can create their own light to hunt in darkness. Some large-mass jellyfish live at ocean depths greater than most other creatures can tolerate.

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Biologists are just beginning to discover the nature of these even-stranger species. Still drawn to the ocean, from where we came. Only recently did we come ashore. And when it does, whatever it is, it will probably have to continue to deal with jellyfish.Council essay student nuala ni dhomhnaill selected essays emerson boc l valine synthesis essay connais tu cette cite lyrics in an essay titration essay stanford undergraduate admissions essays professional school language arts writing essays essayists of the romantic period in literature margaluyu yogyakarta descriptive essay essay about.

how to write an essay superfast jellyfish lyrics

For additional information on Essays from Nature subjects, see: Intertidal Organisms EZ-ID Guides. Resources for Identifying Intertidal Organisms.

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Superfast Jellyfish is a promotional single and the sixth track on Gorillaz' album, Plastic Beach. It features the talents of Gruff Rhys and . This song is an elaborate metaphor lambasting the music industry.

Gorillaz take their time with their music, perfecting it and attempting to put out quality songs with depth and meaning, but the. A jellyfish is an invertebrate made up of ninety five to ninety seven percent water, three percent protein, and one percent minerals. The shape and size of the jellyfish varies, but most are bell or umbrella shapes.

Most jellyfish are semi-transparent or glassy, and their sizes range from one inch to a foot across in size. * "On Melancholy Hill" became the second single from the album which replaced "Superfast Jellyfish" and was released exclusively on iTunes on June 15th. Cite This Essay To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below.

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