Market positioning vs resource based strategy

Chapter 1 Defining Marketing for the 21st Century by: It has already happened.

Market positioning vs resource based strategy

Incremental changes in the amount of time a direct sales rep spends on core selling activities will have a positive impact on the business.

What is a resource based view?

One way to increase the direct selling time for sales reps is to first understand the problem and then craft a solution. Granted, the base and bonus will vary by company. However, a typical B2B sales rep with a sound track record is expensive.

In addition, this estimate does not take into account any equity awards, spot bonuses or car allowances. However, any full-time employee does not work that many days. But, the needs to be reduced by: A good assumption for the number of hours worked in a day is 10 this includes lunch as many meals are business-related and that yields 2, workable hours a year.

Strategy Canvas

Granted, SaaS models alter the absolute numbers, but from a relative point of view the analysis holds true. Note that the cost of the direct sales rep above does not include the cost direct or variable of a sales consultant, sales management or executive management participation in a deal.

Also, there is considerable cost in losing deals as well. In the model below, the average sales cycle is assumed to be eight months from the qualified opportunity state. Again, note that the cost of other resources reqired to close the deal have not been factored into the equation.

So the question is, where does a sales rep spend their time? Depending upon the study, the classifications and percentages vary. In general, it can be said that based on a hour work week, a direct sales rep spends:This brief positioning strategy guide has been compiled to help give you an idea of how market positioning works.

It is important to note that, as a company, business owner, entrepreneur, or corporate executive, you can elect to perform market positioning deliberately, or you can opt out and let things happen organically. COMPETITIVE POSITIONING AND THE RESOURCE-BASED VIEW 99 market where their existing resources were more useful.

Market positioning vs resource based strategy

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