Of mice and men and slim

Plot[ edit ] Two migrant field workers in California during the Great DepressionGeorge Milton Burgess Meredithan intelligent and quick-witted man despite his frequent claims of being "not that smart"and Lennie Small Lon Chaney Jr. Lennie's part of the dream, which he never tires of hearing George describe, is merely to tend to and touch soft rabbits on the farm.

Of mice and men and slim

Some of the men are outside playing horseshoes, but George and Slim are inside. Landscape 3 George thanks Slim for giving Lennie a pup. He expects Lennie will be out in the barn all night petting it. Slim comments on how hard a worker Lennie is, and George reacts proudly, the way a mother might of her child.

Slim mentions how odd it is that a smart guy like George travels with a crazy guy like Lennie. His questioning is friendly, though, and George senses an invitation to talk. He tells Slim how he and Lennie grew up in the same town. When she died Lennie just started to come along with George.

At first George played tricks on Lennie, Of mice and men and slim he was so dumb he would do anything he was told, without even thinking about it.

George and Slim agree that Lennie is a good guy, never mean. But he does get into trouble. George trusts Slim enough to tell him what happened in Weed. Lennie saw a woman in a pretty dress, and because he loves to touch soft things, he started to stroke her dress.

Of mice and men and slim

The woman, terrified, tried to pull away. But Lennie got confused and held on with all his strength. George had to hit him over the head to get him to let go, and they were run out of town, narrowly avoiding arrest or worse. Animal Lennie as an animal 3 Lennie comes into the bunkhouse, attempting to conceal his puppy from George.

The puppy is very small and young, so George orders Lennie to go put it back. Slim comments how much Lennie is like a child, and George agrees, except for one thing--Lennie is much stronger. Candy comes into the bunkhouse now, followed by the other men who have finished their game of horseshoes.

Carlson complains about how good the stable buck plays: The difference between these men lies in the fact that Curley has a lot more power than Crooks, the Negro stable buck, and it is therefore an odd comment for Carlson to make.

He thinks the dog makes the bunkhouse smell.

Of mice and men and slim

He pressures Candy to shoot it, or to let him shoot it. Carlson repeatedly shows Candy where he would shoot, right in the back of the head, so the dog would feel no pain.

Candy has had the dog for years and is reluctant to part with his faithful companion, but Carlson and Slim insist that the dog is so old and sick that it is cruel to keep it alive. Friendship 4 Whitanother worker, comes into the bunkhouse offering a distraction from this discussion.

He has a pulp magazine that contains a letter written by a former worker, Bill Tenner. Carlson is not distracted, though, and he continues to press Candy to let him shoot his dog, relieving its pain.

Slim and the other men are quiet, and Candy is unable to stand up to Carlson. He lets him take his dog outside to shoot it. The men are mostly silent, waiting for the shot.

When it comes, Candy turns away and remains quiet. Susy runs a brothel where men can come and drink or have sex for a reasonable price. Lennie and Carlson come back from the barn, and Carlson starts to clean his gun. When the barrel snaps, Candy turns around, smarting at this insensitivity.

Then Curley bursts in, asking again if anyone has seen his wife. Curley storms off to the barn. Whit is expecting a fight, so he and Carlson head over to the barn. Lennie, George, and Candy stay behind.

He reminds Lennie about Andy Cushman as proof of the trouble seductive women can cause.Of Mice and Men is a American period drama film based on John Steinbeck's novella of the same name.

Directed and produced by Gary Sinise, the film features Sinise as George Milton, alongside John Malkovich as Lennie Small, with Casey Siemaszko as Curley, John Terry as Slim, Ray Walston as Candy, Joe Morton as Crooks, and Sherilyn Fenn as Curley's wife.

This screen adaptation of the John Steinbeck classic novel is a harsh, fantastic film that took the wind out of me with its frank and brutal depiction of desperation and longing.

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Slim Character Timeline in Of Mice and Men The timeline below shows where the character Slim appears in Of Mice and Men. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are .

Of Mice and Men Chapter 3. The light of evening shines into the dark bunkhouse.

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Some of the men are outside playing horseshoes, but George and Slim are inside.. Topic Tracking: Landscape 3. Online study guide for Of Mice and Men, Characters Who is Slim?

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