Problem gender role and financial problems

Image of Ardhanarishvara However, in a religious cosmology like Hinduismwhich prominently features female and androgynous deities, some gender transgression is allowed. This group is known as the hijrasand has a long tradition of performing in important rituals, such as the birth of sons and weddings. Despite this allowance for transgression, Hindu cultural traditions portray women in contradictory ways.

Problem gender role and financial problems

I think, they would most probably start with economic, political and social problems; I think more social problems touch on men more, and the family problems touch on women more. This, of course, does not mean that men are now less responsible for the family. And women appreciate it very much. When husband feels himself being more responsible than wife, he is working hard.

Now we have more such families where the wife is staying at home, and the husband has taken the bigger responsibility and obligation and in this case he has the bigger risk.

Women think that men are in quite bad situation now. Many of them had to change jobs during the transition period and if you have to do it very often, it is not good.

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How many people move there in the labor market. If you change jobs every other month, you can get fully into it. You just come, looking for a job to do something. And a new round begins. Complicated situation on the labor market has several bad consequences. On one hand, some men particularly new entrepreneurs work very hard, almost without holidays.

The result is that mortality rate among middle-aged men in Estonia has increased significantly. On the other hand, men who have lost the job and are not able to find a new one, are depressed.

It also causes the health problems. Men are less capable to survive The fact is that many women in my circle of acquaintances simply lost their husbands. They could not bear this stress and were simply gone from this life due to heart attack.

It is because the heart attacks followed one another by a number of my good acquaintances. It was horrifying simply when there came such a news and suddenly you learned about the death, the heart attack. And again we are not 18, not 20, we are at the age which is considered to be matured, when a man was always responsible for the family.

And all over sudden he was out of business. For example they worked there at the design office or even at the production hall, and they were with no work. It was yet difficult to find a way then. A heart attack - and a man is no longer. Focus group discussions showed that people in Estonia quite strongly support traditional gender role behavior.

Usually people do not speak about this, it is simply accepted and followed. But now, there is some transformation of gender roles in the society and men quite often can not act as they are used to.

They have to bear such a heavy burden, that is, responsibility for their families. They have to be in line with some social.

Problem gender role and financial problems

They have to earn money for their families, they have to give their children education, they have to work hard and so on and so forth. I just feel pity for them. By traditional understanding husband is the main breadwinner in the family.

But now this role of husband is sometimes limited due to several reasons unemployment, low salaries. And it is very hard for men to be in this situation. It seems to me that every normal man suffers a lot if he is not able to be a livelihood for his family.

The fact is that for a man - it seems to me for a normal man - it is bad, probably he can not imagine to himself But it is very disgraceful to him when a wife works while he has to be unemployed.Vote Center a complete list of Vote Centers located throughout Sacramento County.

Vote Center Experience Survey.. NEW! Vote Center Information. Sep 07,  · How men and women see gender equality differently. 11 Feb Laura Liswood Secretary-General, When asked about major caregiver roles, 75% of the men believed their wife would take on most of the responsibility; 50% of the women thought they would take on most of this type of work.

When it comes to gender issues. Nov 05,  · The position of financial controller, or comptroller, involves managing financial departments of a company. These departments can include the accounting department, budget department, audit.

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Nov 20,  · 10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality. rushfan November 20, Share 2K. Stumble 3K. Tweet. Pin 15 +1 and they frequently confront near insurmountable legal and financial obstacles.

In Lebanon, battered women cannot file for divorce on the basis of abuse without the testimony of an eyewitness. Top 10 Terrible Issues. A new pediatric problem is in town. In this issue of Pediatrics there are 2 articles 1,2 concerning gender identity disorder (GID).

There has been an explosion of public interest in recent years and concern about children who show an interest in changing their gender.


The study of gender problems is becoming more and more important in the social sciences. Many Western scholars have stressed that gender divisions are a basic social relation and, for that reason, that gender .

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