Reasons for the failure of margo soap

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Reasons for the failure of margo soap

If you have any great tips, please post them here and save us some time and arm soreage. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Submerge the freezer bag of soap in the boiling water.

Be sure to use a large enough pot that the freezer baggie will not be squished up against the side of the pot. Once the soap has boiled in the large pan for approximately 20 minutes, the soap should be gelatinous and gloppy, sort of like mashed potatoes or thick soupy oatmeal.

Using heat safe gloves that soap is hot! Knead it around to make sure the liquid is fully mixed into the soapy gloppy glory. Is it too thick? Add another 1 Tablespoon of liquid if needed and knead this into the soap. The key is to not use very much liquid.

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The more liquid you add to this process, the thinner the soap gets true but the longer it will take to dry and harden. The photo above shows the soap midway through the softening process. Put that soap back into the boiling water.

The photo above is perfect texture. It looks like thick Vaseline. It is now ready for the color and fragrance. Add fragrance and color. Liquid color is ideal mixing pigments into the gloppy soap is difficult.

The colorant usage varies based on the color but start sparingly. You can always put more color in but taking it out is difficult. If the soap starts to harden up at any point because it is cooling, reseal the bag and toss it all back into the hot water.

Make sure you wear heat safe gloves through this entire process.

Reasons for the failure of margo soap

The soap is hot. Unless you are an experienced rebatch soaper, I would not recommend cutting off a corner of the bag to squeeze the soap out like frosting.

Reasons for the failure of margo soap

Take the mold you are using, close your eyes and give it a good wack on the counter to settle the soap and get all the air bubbles to the surface of the bar. When the soap starts to cool, feel free to use your hands and fingers to smooth out any bumps on the surface.

Wait for 2 to 7 days before popping the soap out. The key is to wait for all the liquid to evaporate. Yes, you can become impatient and freeze the soap but make sure the soap is entirely frozen overnight at least before trying to pop the soap out and remember that plastic is more brittle after it is frozen so be gentle on your molds.

Check back in the next few days for a tutorial on how to do rebatching soap via the double boiler method. This is my favorite way to do rebatch and you can do larger batches with the double boiler method.

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There are two main reasons to rebatch: To fix a batch of soap that you've made a mistake on. To use delicate or temperamental ingredients (like some natural exfoliants) that don't survive, react badly, or otherwise have problems with the lye solution.

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