Selected personal hygienic measures health and social care essay

We are living in an ageing society where majority of population live longer and age people over 60 is more than the kids under the age of 16 years in UK. Most of the older people need care. As Bracht noted, "Social works uniqueness come from its persistent concentrate on the physical, social-psychological and environmental health needs of clients" p - 13 1. All staff have a responsibility to ensure good standards of care are maintained and organisations have to have internal systems to monitor social care governance arrangements.

Selected personal hygienic measures health and social care essay

Health and Social Care Guidelines: Q1 The health and safety policy for the hospital with patients who are disabled and partially sighted shows that most of the needs have been met. Legislation on such hospitals requires the institution to consider the needs of the patients in terms of the difficulties they have in moving.

The hospital has well organized visiting days that consider the difficulties of each set of patients in the allocation of time for visiting.

Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace- Essay Example

The floor plan of the clinic allows for easy movement for the patients by having only one floor with all the required facilities.

The many consulting rooms enable the patient consultation process to take place faster thus reducing the time spent in the clinic waiting. However, the location of the sole treatment room at the back of the clinic may be inefficient in design.

This is because it is further away than the other room and requires more time to get there for the patients. Q2 Management roles in the construction and implementation of the Happy Haven health and safety plan should be placed on the medical specialists and the care workers in the hospital. The care workers have the responsibility to formulate the health and safety plan with input from the medical specialists.

This is because they are aware of the special needs of the disabled patients that are handled in the clinic. Implementation of the policy would also require input from the different staff members in the clinic.

These workers should ensure that the different needs of the patients are met according to the guidelines.

Selected personal hygienic measures health and social care essay

Since they are trained in caring for the special needs of the patients, their input in the plan would enable them to implement it effectively and meet their care needs. The management of the clinic should provide oversight on the project in order to ensure that all the guidelines are followed.

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In relation to assistance of the patients, the care givers should have responsibility because it coincides with their core duties in the clinic. Q3 Potential dilemmas, incidents and hazards have to be accommodated in the clinic in order to enable effective response.

The clinic allows different patients to consult and have treatment outside their regular appointment days. This means the patients can go to the clinic whenever they have a health emergency irrespective of their last visit or appointment.

In relation to the hazards and incidences that may be presented by visitors, the clinic has a sufficient number of employees to handle them effectively and quickly.

Having many consulting rooms with all necessary equipment also enhances the ability of the clinic to handle these incidences. One issue that requires attention is the lack of overnight care and weekend treatment for the patients.

Although the patients are expected to visit their GPs during the weekend, the hospital should provide emergency treatment in case of emergency Atwal, There should be medical professionals that remain at the clinic overnight and over the weekends to ensure that emergency needs for the patients are met as they arise.

Q4 Risk assessment for the clinic in relation to the legislation should consider the priorities of the health clinic. The clinic handles patients with walking disabilities and others with sight disabilities. The disabilities of the patients have been considered in the formulation of health policies.

This reduces the risk of physical harm for the patients resulting from falls or difficulty in climbing stairs.

By providing all necessary facilities in one floor, the clinic reduces the likelihood of falls making it safer for the patients.

However, the absence of overnight healthcare for the clinic presents a risk. This is because it means emergency medical issues occurring at night cannot be handled with priority. The clinic also does not provide treatment during the weekends because the patients are expected to visit their GPs or the local hospital trust emergency department.

The clinic considered the special needs of the patients in the construction of many consultation rooms that are adequately equipped. These consultation rooms increase the pace of providing medical care to the patients in cases of emergency.

Q5 The clinic has taken steps in taking care of the patients and ensuring that their special needs do not reduce the level of care given to them.

However, some of the strategies applied in the clinic are not effective because they leave the patients exposed to difficult situations. The main issue is the provision of care and treatment for the patients during the weekends and at night. The hospital should formulate a plan for ensuring that care and treatment are provided for the patients at all times.

The management of the clinic should formulate a work structure that provides for at least one care taker and health professional to be on duty every night. This would ensure that the patients are capable of receiving medical care even at night when emergencies might occur. The clinic should also have a work structure that provides a team of at least one care giver and medical professional during the weekend.

This would be effective in ensuring that the patients are provided with medical care at all times.May 02,  · - Public health is the science of avoiding disease, extending life, and promoting physical health and efficiency through organized community efforts for the sanitation of the environment, the control of community infections, the education of the individuals in principles of personal hygiene, the organization of medical and nursing services for.

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The weak aspects and errors in the health and safety measures could also come into notification. These include personal risk,risk. Selected Personal Hygienic Measures Health And Social Care Essay Hygiene is an old concept related to medicine as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living, although it.

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