Space programme of india essay

It has made great achievements during recent times. At the time of independence, India was far behind the developed countries in terms of scientific and technological research and development, particularly in the field of space research. We had neither infrastructure nor required skills and expertise.

Space programme of india essay

This information will help you to prepare for a great short speech or essay about achievements of ISRO. In this article, we have provided the core information about ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation which will be very helpful for students in schools and colleges.

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Space programme of india essay

Check out these great tips for winning the speech game. It was named after the Mathematician Aryabhata.


This made India the first nation to succeed on its first attempt, and ISRO the fourth space agency in the world as well as the first space agency in Asia to successfully reach Mars orbit.

This is one of the major ISRO achievement. We hope that India will rise in the space research and technology field and become a world leader one day. On this note, I would like to end my speech.

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Rao helped India propel its first satellites into space, providing television signals and weather forecasting data to the most rural. Essay on Indian Space Programme. Article shared by: (Low Earth Orbit Search And Rescue) satellite system. Under this programme, India has established two Local User Terminals (LUTs), one at Lucknow and the other at Bangalore.

The Indian Mission Control . The space programme was formalised with the constitution of the Space Commission and the Department of Space (DOS) in to formulate and implement space policies in the country.

The Space Commission is the nodal agency for coordinating R&D activities in space science and technology. India started its space programme with the launch of first space satellite ‘Aryabhatta’ on April 19, This space satellite was named after the great Indian astronomer and mathematician of the 5th century, Aryabhatta.

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The Space Review is an online publication devoted to in-depth articles, commentary, and reviews regarding all aspects of space exploration: science, technology, . 'He Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) came into being in For promoting a unified development and application of space science and technology^ for national development, Space Commission and Department of Space (DOS) were set up in

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