The events leading to the columbine school tragedy

Reddit Flipboard A year before the attack, Joe Schallmoser and Howard Cornell were worried that Columbine was just the kind of place where a school shooting might happen. They were in charge of security for the school district that included Columbine. After the shootings in Paducah, Ky.

The events leading to the columbine school tragedy

They kill 12 classmates, one teacher and then themselves.

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They also wound 23 others in the worst school shooting in U. Jefferson County schools Superintendent Jane Hammond closes all district schools. Clement Park, just north of the Columbine, becomes the unofficial gathering place for mourners.

Bill Owens declares a state of emergency. The Legislature abandons three gun-related bills, the Colorado Avalanche cancel the first of two playoff games, and the NRA announces it will drastically scale back its Denver convention next week.

Authorities find a powerful pound propane-tank bomb Harris and Klebold had planted in the school's kitchen. Officials later say if it had gone off, hundreds of people would have been killed.

Officials learn three guns used in the massacre at Columbine High School were bought last year by Dylan Klebold's girlfriend shortly after her 18th birthday. The last of the funerals for those killed is held. Brian Rohrbough, whose son, Daniel, was murdered, takes down crosses erected at Clement Park for Harris and Klebold, saying it's inappropriate to honor the killers alongside the victims.


An estimated 12, placard-waving people rally at the state Capitol against gun violence and protest the National Rifle Association's annual meeting four blocks away.

A remembrance service for Columbine students, staff and parents is held at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Manes, 22, surrenders to Jefferson County authorities to face a felony charge of selling a handgun to a minor. Columbine students head back to school for the first time since the massacre, finishing out the school year at nearby Chatfield High.

Later in the day, they commemorate the one-month anniversary of the rampage before a crowd of 2.

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Six were wounded, none killed. There is moment of silence for the graduates that had been killed on April An owner of a video arcade at Denver International Airport removes five violent games in response to the Columbine massacre.

Students return to Columbine to retrieve their belongings. Victim families receive letters of remorse from Klebold's parents. Work begins to repair Columbine High for the start of classes in August.

Robyn Anderson admits on "Good Morning America" she bought three of the four guns used by Harris and Klebold, but denies knowledge of their deadly plan. Parents of slain Columbine students announce their desire to keep the school library closed forever.

The library was the scene of most of the carnage; Harris and Klebold killed 10 students and themselves there. Authorities say the surveillance videotape recorded in Columbine High's cafeteria on April 20, enhanced by the FBI, doesn't substantiate the theory of a third gunman.

Duran is charged with unlawfully providing a handgun to minors and possessing a dangerous or illegal weapon.This is the story of the Columbine massacre, and the events leading up to this awful tragedy, one of the worst school shootings in history.

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The events leading to the columbine school tragedy

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Apr 21,  · NARRATIVE TIME LINE OF EVENTS. main entrance to the school. Manwaring, leading the ad the deceased and to then begin the investigation into . Columbine timeline. By The Denver Post. April 16 - A timeline of events.

APRIL 20, Seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold storm Columbine High School shooting four guns and carrying dozens of . LITTLETON, COLO.

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— No one who survived the Columbine High School attack had a closer look at events leading up to the tragedy than Brooks Brown. On April 20, , the year-old saw fellow senior Eric Harris outside the suburban high school moments .

The Tragedy at Columbine High The Victims / The Heroes Could it have been prevented? Note: This tragedy has now claimed one more victim. At the end of October, the mother of one of the severely wounded students could not deal with the strain, and committed suicide.

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