The fountainhead critical essay

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The fountainhead critical essay

The theme of The Fountainhead is the contrast of, and conflict between, persons of independent functioning and those of dependent functioning.

Ayn Rand's Writing Style Fountainhead Six decades after its publication, The Fountainhead is still very much alive.
Study Pack It is a major commission at a time when he needs it desperately, but the board wishes to alter his design. Roark, to whom the integrity of his design is far more important than money or recognition, refuses.
Portál o zváraní od roku 2008 Henry Cameron retires, financially ruined, and Roark opens his own small office. His unwillingness to compromise his designs in order to satisfy clients eventually forces him to close down the office and take a job at a granite quarry in Connecticut.
Navigate Guide Cameron was once a renowned architect, but now gets few commissions. Keating ingratiates himself with senior partner Guy Francon and works to remove rivals within his firm.
The Fountainhead Summary The fountainhead dominique francon analysis essay By November 24, 0 The power of words essays slavery and the constitution essay introduction.

The plot is an ideal vehicle by which to present this theme. The essence of the plot line is an innovative modern architect struggling against a society indifferent or hostile to his revolutionary ideas.

The innovative architect is an independent thinker. Those who reject him are dependent persons who, in one form or another, allow the thinking of others to dominate their lives.

They are unable or unwilling to see the truth of the new ideas. Note that it is impossible to discuss the novel's plot without introducing its theme.

The two are inextricably intertwined, which can be seen by analyzing the specific men who reject Roark. These men fall into three types and each is a variation on the theme of psychological dependence. The first type is the traditionalists — those so blindly wedded to the thinking of the past that they cannot see the truth of any new ideas.

History abounds with examples of traditionalists: Among those opposed to Cameron and Roark are many of this same type. The Dean of Stanton Institute believes that all truths of architecture were discovered by the builders of the past; modern architects can only copy their achievements. The gradual acceptance of Henry Cameron's innovations is thwarted by the Columbian Exposition of The Rome of two thousand years ago rises on the shores of Lake Michigan, precipitating a rebirth of Classicism in America, closing the public's mind to Cameron's ideas.

A country flung two thousand years back in an orgy of Classicism could find no place for him and no use.

The fountainhead critical essay

To them, truth is not a relationship between an idea and the facts, but between an idea and their ancestors. They are blinded to the present by their commitment to the past.

The second type of men who reject Roark are the conformists — those who blindly accept the ideas of their peers. Many such individuals can be found in life.

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Most people who hold religious convictions — be they Catholics, Protestants, Jews, or Muslims — do not study comparative religion, but simply accept the beliefs of their families.

Some individuals surrender their career preference or romantic choice in order to meet their parents' expectations.

Others may know the dangers of drug use but, to please their friends, indulge nevertheless. Similarly, the universe of The Fountainhead is populated with such characters. Numerous individuals reject Roark's ideas solely because his thinking clashes with the beliefs of those around them.

For example, Robert Mundy, a self-made man who grew up in poverty in Georgia, is one such person. Mundy asks Roark to build him a southern-style plantation house, not because he values it, but because it is a symbol of the aristocrats who ridiculed him as a young man.

Though Roark explains patiently that such a house would not stand for his own struggle and values, but for the values of his tormentors, Mundy refuses to acknowledge Roark's point; he wants the plantation house because others valued it.

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She wants an English Tudor home because of "the picture post cards she had seen, [and] the novels of country squires she had read. Snyte is not wedded to any specific school of design; he cheerfully gives the public whatever style it wants. Mostly, there is Peter Keating, who is driven by an almost uncontrollable urge to impress others and win acclaim.

Keating seeks prestige, and his method is to fawn over others, especially those in authority, and spout back to them their own ideas. He is an intellectual chameleon, who takes on the beliefs of others in order to gain their approval.

Keating even expresses his policy as a formal principle, when he states to Roark, "Always be what people want you to be.

The Literary Integration of The Fountainhead

Then you've got them where you want them. Such an unthinking mentality is incapable of recognizing the genius of Roark's work — or that of any other innovator.The Fountainhead Ayn Rand The Fountainhead literature essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Fountainhead.

The fountainhead critical essay

The Fountainhead Homework Help Questions. In The Fountainhead, why do many people call Howard Roark selfless?

The Literary Achievement of The Fountainhead

To begin let me say that your question is somewhat misleading. The Fountainhead is a novel by Russian-American author Ayn Rand, her first major literary success. The novel's protagonist, Howard Roark, is an individualistic young architect who designs modernist buildings and refuses to compromise with an architectural establishment unwilling to .

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The Fountainhead was the foremost embodiment of Objectivism. This book appeals to me because Ayn Rand is a revolutionary female author who has gone against convention of her time.

She has shown a lot of courage and more so, steel to take the kind of stand that she has taken. Critical Essays Ayn Rand's Writing Style Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List The subtlety of Ayn Rand's style can be understood by examining a representative scene.

SparkNotes: The Fountainhead: Plot Overview