The quiet american a comparison

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The quiet american a comparison

Plot[ edit ] Thomas Fowler is a British journalist in his fifties who has covered the French war in Vietnam for more than two years. Pyle lives his life and forms his opinions based on foreign policy books written by York Harding with no real experience in Southeast Asia matters.

Pyle is certain that American power can put the Third Force in charge, but he knows little about Indochina and is recasting it into theoretical categories. The sister disapproves of their relationship, as Fowler is already married and an atheist.

So, at a dinner with Fowler and Phuong, Pyle meets her sister, who immediately starts questioning Pyle about his viability for marriage with Phuong.

Towards the end of the dinner, Pyle dances with Phuong, and Fowler notes how poorly the upstart dances. Fowler goes to Phat Diem to witness a battle there. Pyle travels there to tell him that he has been in love with Phuong since the first night he saw her, and that he wants to marry her.

They make a toast to nothing and Pyle leaves the next day. Fowler gets a letter from Pyle thanking him for being so nice. She chooses Fowler, unaware that he is pending a transfer. Fowler writes to his wife to ask for a divorce in front of Phuong.

Fowler and Pyle meet again in a war zone. They end up in a guard tower where they discuss topics ranging from sexual experiences to religion. Their presence endangers the local guards by attracting an attack by the Viet Minh.

These indigenous auxiliaries simply want to live their lives, but they are doomed by their contact with foreign intrigue. Fowler goes back to Saigonwhere he lies to Phuong that his wife will divorce him.

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Pyle exposes the lie and Phuong must choose between him and Fowler. Like a small country caught between imperial rivals, Phuong considers her own interests realistically and without sentiment.

She moves in with Pyle. After receiving a letter from Fowler, his editor decides that he can stay in Indo-China for another year.

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Fowler goes into the midst of the battlefield to witness events. Pyle comes over later for drinks and they talk about his pending marriage to Phuong. Later that week, a car bomb is detonated and many innocent civilians are killed. Pyle thus brings disaster upon innocents, all the while certain he is bringing a third way to Vietnam.

Fowler is emotionally conflicted about this discovery, but ultimately decides to aid in the assassination of Pyle.

Though the police suspect that Fowler is involved, they cannot prove anything. Phuong goes back to Fowler as if nothing had ever happened. In the last chapter, Fowler receives a telegram from his wife in which she states that she has changed her mind and will begin divorce proceedings.

The novel ends with Fowler thinking about his first meeting with Phuong, and the death of Pyle. Major characters[ edit ] Thomas Fowler is a British journalist in his fifties who has been covering the French war in Vietnam for more than two years.

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The quiet american a comparison

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