Thesis on zara

Marketing Another advantage is the fact that the business has one of the best amounts of products on the globe that produces annually

Thesis on zara

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Georgia Perakis and Bruce Cameron. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: Because of short product life cycles, large product offerings and fickle consumer tastes, product demand in the apparel retail industry is volatile and difficult to predict.

It is also thought to be impacted significantly by the presence of other products in the store, which may cannibalize or complement sales. This thesis explores the interactions among products in Zara's stores, and uses this information to improve the existing demand forecast.

It focuses on attribute-based and price-based cannibalization effects for the trousers product category. A necessary preliminary step to study cannibalization is to obtain an accurate classification of all products according to distinct features.

We present such a classification for the trousers product category according to three main characteristics-fit, color and color lightness.

The text mining and picture color detection techniques used here are of independent interest and can be used for the classification of other product categories. We then use Zara's RFID system and sales databases to estimate cannibalization effects among products in stores.

To this purpose, we introduce similarity factors and define a linear regression model with fixed and time effects.

Thesis on zara

We obtain statistically significant cannibalization effects. However, these effects tend to account for only a small portion of demand variations.

Finally, we propose various improvements to the demand forecast method, incorporating display, availability and cannibalization effects.

The resulting demand forecast represents a significant improvement over the base forecasting model. Thus the implementation of the present work will reduce overstock and lost sales.

It also constitutes the first step towards product assortment optimization at Zara.Introduction – Zara. Module 1 Q2 Identify the mission and major goals of the company.

Q4 Who is the CEO of the company? Evaluate the CEO’s leadership capabilities.

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Module 2 Q1 Apply the competitive forces model to the industry in which your company is based. What does this model tell you about the nature of competition in the industry?

Zara is one of the largest clothing retailers on the planet and this can cause its weakness in different elements of business, and it is too difficult to control.

Oct 25,  · Thesis On Zara. Catherine Zara Raymond nbsp; Catherine Zara Raymond is an international maritime security expert. She is an Associate at the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies, based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College.

Thesis: S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Engineering Systems Division, Their high product mix and vast global network makes demand forecasting for Zara a challenging endeavor.

This thesis sets out to incorporate the effects from seasonality, product lifecycle, and cannibalization into a long term aggregate demand forecast.

3 THE CASE OF ZARA Established in , Zara is the flagship of Inditex (Industria del Diseño Textil, S.A.), a holding company located in Galicia (north-west Spain). Master Thesis Flexibility in Supply Chain A case study of ICA AB (Non-Food/Clothing) and sub-case of ZARA Master Thesis within International Logistics and.

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