Web based training verses instructor led training

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Web based training verses instructor led training

E-learning can be an inexpensive alternative to classroom training, but does it yield the same results? Lorri Freifeld A Training reader sent me an article about a study done at Washington community colleges, which showed that more students drop out and fewer get a passing grade when they take a class online than when they take it in a classroom.

And students who already were struggling do worse when a course is changed over to online delivery than when it was delivered in a classroom setting. He wondered whether this might indicate a change in the training field, while I contemplated whether the results would carry over to the workplace.

That led to further speculation about corporate online vs.

So we asked a few of our Training Top winners, Training Top 10 Hall of Famers, and other experts to weigh in on the topic. If you take that away from a struggling student, his or her performance is likely to be worse.

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In the workplace, we try to determine what would be best learned online vs. We also regularly communicate to our leadership to ensure they make time for their employees to participate in and complete e-learning courses without interruption, just as we would in an instructor-led classroom.

E-learning has the reputation of being more convenient and cost-effective than classroom training. Plus, students can choose the best time for them to take the online course, according to their timeline and commitments.

Content is appropriate for online delivery. The course is designed well includes context, challenge, activity, and feedback. Supervisory support is present for e-learning in the work environment.

Web based training verses instructor led training

Getting the leaders—who are with the employees daily—to show the value of the training is really key to success. Economical Insurance recently developed a safety procedures course for risk control inspectors that contains embedded simulations created in Flash.

This allows learners to virtually practice each step by using the mouse to emulate various hand movements. Alexander says all learners achieved percent on the mandatory testing, and 96 percent indicated the simulations were effective in understanding the process, ultimately leading to a change in behavior.

The first is Management Training certification, which is made up of 13 e-learning courses. While these could be taught in an ILT class, the information is easily communicated in an interactive e-learning course.

Topics for Leadership Training include building blocks of a successful team, performance management, and change management. These topics benefit from the interaction within a classroom where students can discuss, collaborate, solve problems, and role-play. By limiting the content that has to be taught face to face, we can maximize the quality of the instruction in all areas and minimize the cost in time and money for ourselves and our students.

Cypher likewise believes there is a place for both online and in-person learning in every organization. Some things to keep in mind: E-learning can save organizations real budget dollars while not compromising on quality of training.

And many of our customers are using online courses to reach workers who may not have access to in-person training—e. Over the last five years, Economical Insurance successfully reduced its e-learning development time by using the latest training technologies and platforms.

With e-learning, that number can go as high as hours or more depending on the complexity of the module or course that is developed. Why we are making this decision?

Rohan Adams, Chemistry/AP Biology Instructor

Is it because it is the latest trend or is it adding business value through productivity and performance gains? And from a technology standpoint, you need to have a robust LMS that can track learner metrics, which are critical to success.

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Research and Activities – Notes from My Journey. Online vs. In-Class Success. There are distinct pros and cons among classroom training, Web conferencing platforms, and on-demand e-learning. Here’s a look at the options, and how to blend them for effectiveness and affordability.

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