Why is pakistan counted as underdeveloped

This 3,km highway, stretching from Xinkiang in Southwest China to the Gwadar port in Pakistan, according to experts, has the potential to change the economic profile of the region, over time.

Why is pakistan counted as underdeveloped

Without it, policy making as well as its implementation is impossible. To be a part of the services, one has to successfully go through a series of exams: Candidates are allowed to choose from a variety of subjects, based on their abilities, interests as well as prior studentship.

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Applicants are also influenced by the recommendations of their teachers, parents, or sometimes qualified relatives. I, being a C.

The first subject which I have opted for is the Political Science; it is an analytical subject which not only explains the art of governance but also other diverse topics related to society and man. On the other hand it also offers marks, and comparatively speaking, going for it saves one the trouble of an additional subject because most of the other subjects are worth marks.

From my early childhood I have been reading books about the Prophet P.


Coming to my third subject which is Gender Studies, it is a relatively new subject in the C. I have chosen this subject particularly, owing to my interests in Human Rights Law.

Gender Studies has limitless scope when it comes to Human Rights in Pakistan. My fourth subject would be International Law. Being a Law student, I explored all the relevant subjects and found International Law to be the most suited for me, thus, I went for it.

The reason is simple, International law is comparatively simpler, tackles global challenges, and has International prospects as well.

My reasons for selecting Arabic as a subject in C. A history of scholarship in the subject runs in the family, and I have also thoroughly studied the subject in question in a seminary, not to mention the interest and the liking which I have developed for it.

I think every student should opt for a subject he or she has prior knowledge of, or which comes recommended from someone experienced, and more than anything, which the student has an appetite for.This paper highlights the complex nature of female labor force participation in developing countries and presents findings on the key trends and factors that drive women’s engagement in the labor market and access to employment, especially the role of educational attainment.

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pril1. OCIopy No. In Pakistan, many areas are subject to progressive salinization as a result of heavy irrigation and the waterlogging that is in part attributable to seepage from irrigation canals.

Capillary action brings the water to the surface where evaporation occurs, leaving the salt on the soil.

Why is pakistan counted as underdeveloped

In the country counted one hospital bed per 4, population and more than 27, people per primary health care facility. Pakistan's health indicators, the system remains severely underdeveloped.

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