Write a cheque hsbc malta

Share via Email If you have had a credit card in the past decade the chances are you have received a letter from your provider enclosing some credit card cheques.

Write a cheque hsbc malta

Direct debited from your designated bank account on the payment due date. Transfer funds from any designated bank account any time, anywhere using a tone-dial phone. Just make your payment one working day before the payment due date.

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For details, write a cheque hsbc malta the PPS pre-recorded hotline on 00 The merchant code of our Credit Card is "18". Transfer funds from your account with HSBC to settle your credit card account through the internet.

Please write your card account number on the back of the cheque. Do not deposit cash in the Drop-in box. Minimum payment due You must pay at least the minimum payment due on or before the payment due date s as shown on the statement.

This is the current due subject to a minimum amountplus the overdue or overlimit due whichever is greater. Fees and charges Finance charge: If you fail to pay the Bank the whole of the Statement Balance by the Payment Due Date, a finance charge will be applied a to the unpaid Statement Balance from the Statement Date immediately preceding the said Payment Due Date until payment in full and b to the amount of each new transaction being posted since the Statement Date immediately preceding the said Payment Due Date, from the transaction date until payment in full.

The finance charge will accrue daily and be calculated at the interest rate per month as specified in the Bank's Bank tariff guide for HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management Customers for the time being in force.

If the minimum payment due is not received by the bank on or before the payment due date, a late charge subject to a minimum and a maximum amount will be levied on your card account. If the statement balance exceeds the credit limit for the time being assigned to the card account, an overlimit handling fee will be debited to the card account on the statement date.

Cash advances will be subject to a handling charge depending on the channel via which the advance is made, where a minimum charge applies, plus a cash advance fee. All charges are flat and shall be debited to the card account as at the date of the advance. A handling fee will be charged to the card account for each returned cheque or rejected autoPay if drawn on a bank other than HSBC.

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There are some other fees and charges, such as annual fee, card replacement fee, statement duplication fee, etc. Transaction made outside Hong Kong All card transactions effected in currencies other than Hong Kong dollars will be debited to the card account after conversion into Hong Kong dollars at a rate of exchange determined by reference to the exchange rate adopted by Visa International on the date of conversion, plus an additional percentage levied by the Bank and any transaction fee s charged by Visa International to the Bank, if applicable, which fees may be shared with the Bank.

Total Account Balance Total Account Balance as shown under the transaction summary of the statement is the total outstanding balance of the credit card, which includes Statement Balance and Instalment Amount Remaining.

Instalment Amount Remaining is the total unbilled instalment balance, which is applicable to card accounts with instalment transactions only. Please refer to the Instatement balance and minimum payment due for payment.

If you are overseas, call any Visa member bank. Enquiries For enquiries, please direct to: Please quote your card account number on all correspondence Please retain this statement for your reference.

For your protection, please check your statement against copies of your sales slips, and refer any queries on billings within 60 days of the statement date. Change of personal information If you wish to change your contact information, please visit www.Write the numerical pound amount next to the pound sign on the right side of the check.

For example: "" Write the pound amount in words using the line beneath the "Pay" line, moving on to the third line if necessary. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to 'The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited' or 'HSBC'.

Please write your card account number on the back of the cheque. Do not deposit cash in the Drop-in box. We demonstrate how to write a check There are five simple steps to filling out a check.

These steps, if followed every time, will ensure that you provide the correct information and pay exactly what you had expected to exactly who you had expected to pay.

PERSONALISED GIANT HSBC BANK CHEQUE cm x 61cm A BIG CHEQUE FOR THAT BIG PHOTO OPPORTUNITY. Just supply the following information and A Giant Personalised Cheque will be printed to your requirements. PLEASE BE ADVISED: TEMPLATE IS DESIGNED FOR USE WITH CANADIAN CHEQUES ONLY.

Important: This template is designed for use with computer cheques on x 11 or continuous cheques, this template cannot be used for manual cheques with lines designed to hand write them.

Secure storage of cheque books, write your cheques with care for greater security with a maximum of protection when you pay by cheque with HSBC. we recommend you take out HSBC Volassur (1) insurance to cover the theft of payment methods. Malta.

write a cheque hsbc malta

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